Perhaps you are familiar with the Grand Theft Auto game on your PC, with many different versions to give users a new experience. As well as previous games, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City first appeared on the PlayStation and achieved success beyond expectations. This game was released in North America on October 29, 2002, on a Windows platform. Then, the game became popular in countries around the world and was well received by many players. And again released by Rockstar Games on the mobile platform. This game is currently available on the Google Play store and the App Store, with 10M storage that supports all mobile and tablet devices. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a legendary game forgotten for many years, but has now been revived. Players will be fascinated by reality, true to yourself. Can beat everything without having to pay attention to the consequences, surely it is the highlight that attracts the most players.

Introduce Grand Theft Auto: Vice city – City robbers game

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android will bring players back to the crosses so 80 centuries ago. A beautiful and prosperous city appears in front of you, although this is a period of economic crisis, evils everywhere. You will have to reincarnate into the character Tommy Vercetti, a notorious criminal who was released from prison after a failed drug trafficking. Your goal is to help him find those who have betrayed him in that mission and to build the largest mafia gang in the city.

Step into the criminal world

First, you have to find yourself a car like, to use as a means of transportation. Your character is like a king in a city, he can become the owner of the car with just a few simple actions. You just have to get close to the car and click on the available action on the screen, everything left to Tommy Vercetti arrangements Is it easy?

You can do everything in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iOS, like robbing the most expensive cars, watching the city on the lights, teasing the sexy girls on the road, … all will satisfy. satisfy your hobby. The game also provides a mission system, to help players do not feel boring. You will be performing every task from simple to complex as looting, drug dealing, even murder to become a great boss. All in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

When you do bad things, you will be looked at by the police, you have to find a way to calm down and not touch the government. Once you have encountered the police, you will be constantly wanted and not be safe.

Vehicles with modern weapons

As a city killer, weapons are the most important thing for street killers. You can save money to buy yourself a weapon suitable for yourself such as rifles, pistols, knives, steel hands, … Vehicles in the game are also very diverse, you will not need some. big money but still own a car like, just down the street and robbers of people around. You can drive according to your preference without paying attention to traffic rules.

Graphics and sound

Graphics are also a notable highlight of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City APK, with vivid images, and character quality achieved high finishing. The game gives you an exciting feeling of being in the virtual world. Beside that is the sound system, inspired by the real world to help users feel better about this game.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a combination of genres such as role-playing, shooting, adventure … will bring you an exciting experience. When depressed in life, you can find it to fall into the role of a criminal, and do crazy things for the purpose of feeling more comfortable.