According to the latest news we received, recently publisher OneTonGames has launched a game called Dead Light. It is said that this game is supporting two operating systems Android and IOS, with 82MB capacity suitable for all mobile devices. Dead Light is a very new survival game, but it has unique features. In this game, you will shake hands with three other players to form a team, with the sole purpose of destroying the evil chase behind. Sure, players will have a thrill when they experience Dead Light. Pay attention, the killer can take advantage of any loopholes and kill you immediately. You do not hesitate, do not download the game right now?


Dead Light for Android is set in a small house, in a cemetery with horrific sounds, raising the horror to a new level. Just like other survival games, Dead Light also equips players with gloomy homes, as well as items that can defeat evil spirits. Scenes in the game have a different horror, creating a feeling of the constant heart beating with those who experience this game.

Simple gameplay, but differences

Step into the game Dead Light for iOS, your main task is to defeat the evil name and escape as soon as possible. The game requires players to be able to work in groups, so you have to work with the players around to protect each other. If you only acted individually without interaction with them, you were the first person to be isolated by the criminal, and he was killed quickly.

Note: Players can use the grass around to hide, and find the appropriate time to defeat the evil. In a team, each person has to do different tasks, such as attracting the attention of the wicked, searching for weapons of war, and so on.

Some tips in the game Dead Light

A little trick in the game that I know, that is the name of the evil man very afraid of the light. If the player cannot destroy him with rudimentary weapons, he must try to find items and ideas to turn on the old generator in the middle of the house. Like the name of this game’s Dead Light, the wicked will be destroyed by the light emitted by the surrounding lightbulbs, which is the easiest way to win.

If one of the team members is killed, the player must be calm to solve the problem and not be allowed to fear. Maybe, fear will help the evil man have more space to kill you.

Player’s choice

Every game in the game will have 5 players participating at the same time. Coming to Dead Light, you will have two choices: capture or catch. Interesting is not it? If you are tired of playing the role of a man who must always run away from the evil man, you still have the opportunity to transform into a real man, to terrorize the other players.

Graphics and sound

Dead Light APK gives the player a sense of extreme fear as if it were a character in the game. In particular, 3D graphics deliver incredibly vibrant visual effects, with dark colors creating a panic for those who experience it. The sound is also the cause of the success of Dead Light. The sound is integrated into something very mysterious, macabre always put the player in a state of nervous tension. Believe that, in the coming time this game will attract a large number of players.


For those who are looking for a deadly survival game, Dead Light is a perfect fit. Maybe with his friends to form a team, to find a way to beat brutal cruelty brings cohesion and entertainment on the weekend.