Are you looking for an intellectual game? A game that can keep you entertained at times of stress in life? Try BOMBARIKA, it will help you get the best moments on the phone. BOMBARIKA is developed by the publisher Street Lamp on both Android and IOS platforms, with a download size of the only 78MB that allows users to easily install and experience. For more information about this game, I will join you in the world of BOMBARIKA, to learn the special points of this game.

Gameplay is simple but requires thinking

The mission of the player BOMBARIKA for Android is quite simple, you just put a bomb with various shapes to the designated place, and finish the victory. It sounds easy, but when done, it is very difficult. You will have to use your mind a lot, along with the available logic that the publisher has integrated into the game can win the first game.


The game is set in a house, with basic items such as tables, chairs, wardrobes, window frames … all arranged. Your task is to make use of the available items, to help the bomb move to the specified location as quickly as possible before it explodes on your home and your own safety. If you were wrong in the beginning, you probably lost the first step. Players need to observe very carefully their steps, to achieve the highest results. Although there are many ways to bring the bomb to the specified position, you need to make the most of the opportunities you have so no regrets later. The bomb will explode at any time, making you always in a state of extreme anxiety, but do not be too anxious, when pressed against the wall, people become powerful and resist everything. the most drastic way.

Multiplayer level playing system

After the initial challenge, the player will experience the game more difficult level gradually. There will be no chance to correct your mistakes anymore, you have to be decisive in your decision to achieve the highest accuracy. Players will face houses, there are 2 to 3 floors that you calculate carefully before making a decision. You need to take advantage of any object in the house such as the wind of the fan, or the movement of the table … to bring the bomb in the proper direction without causing any unfortunate incident. You will be directed a few steps after not being able to make your decision, but do not depend too much on the game’s instructions, it will make you feel boring quickly.


In the context of a well-designed small room, with well-organized items, you will definitely enjoy it. BOMBARIKA for iOS brings players an attractive gameplay with eye-catching graphics, although they are static objects, under the control of the player they will become more alive than ever.


The light sound of the game will help you get the great moments of relaxation when experiencing. The sound of the wind of the fan, the movement of the furniture … is reproduced in a vivid way as in real life, making the player feel like getting into that room.


Not to follow the path of other intellectual games, BOMBARIKA APK really brings a new color to the player. You will soon be fascinated by the game extremely simple but always puzzles players. In particular, there is a graphic style close to each of us, this game will be the best entertainment option on the weekend. You do not hesitate anymore without downloading games and enjoy any.