Are you a violent genre lover? Looking for a fun weekend game? Apocalypse Max will be the most exciting option, promising to bring you many interesting things this weekend. It is known that this game is released by Wandake exclusively on both Android and iOS platforms, with a capacity of 25 MB, you are still hesitant to download and enjoy now. Apocalypse Max is an action and adventure style game where you’ll have to fight the horrible zombies from a terrible epidemic. It can be said that this game has become one of the best zombie theme games, promising to give people a new impression in the future.

Introduce Apocalypse Max – Shooting game against Zombies

Coming to Apocalypse Max for Android, you will be transformed into the character Max, the only survivor in the world after the zombie pandemic. Of course, you will become the number one enemy of zombies. You have to fight hard if you do not want to make them good.

The world in Apocalypse Max is not like a horror movie you watch, it carries a brighter, more colorful gamut of 2D graphics. The publisher of Wankada knows how to go against it, making it more unique and vivid. With the development of most of today’s zombie games, Apocalypse Max is definitely the most interesting product. Thanks to the design in the game not overcast, but still retains its own identity suitable for many ages.

Control system

Like all other titles, Apocalypse Max for iOS makes it easy for users to interact with the intuitive buttons on the screen. You will easily master your character, without spending too much time experimenting. It’s simple, to experience this game in a great way. Now let’s take a look at some virtual keys, to make it easier for people to experience.

  • The virtual keys on the left of the screen let you control the character moves.
  • J keys: Control Max jumped up, hit consecutive two times to jump higher.
  • G keys: Throw grenades.
  • Attack: Use weapons to attack enemies.
  • Swapping weapons.

Gameplay is hard to win

Apocalypse Max APK is a multiplayer version of the Platformer, where players will move from place to place when winning. The gameplay is repeated between actions such as killing zombies, upgrading equipment, and performing next missions. To survive, you must complete the journey through 9 different lands, with more and more violent zombies.

The game will give you a sense of horror, always put you in a state of fear because the zombies can come and destroy you at any time. In order to fight a variety of zombies, you need to work smart, make the right decision to help your character survive if you do not want to play again.

Zombie in Apocalypse Max retains the scary, like the movie version. They are all in the form of destroying you as quickly as possible. Do not be afraid! With the skills that the manufacturer has integrated, the player can do that extraordinary thing. You just have to grasp the strength of the character and turn them into awesome weapons to kill the zombies, rescue the human race.

Equipment upgrade feature

After each game, you will get a small amount of money to upgrade your equipment. Spend reasonable time to get the proper weapons to kill the zombies.

Players can convert many different weapons. This is also an advantage for you to grasp when the zombies are not overcrowded. You can use the equipped sword as a weapon, saving ammunition for the gun. Take a grenade with you, to blow away the zombies when they are too crowded and dangerous.


In general, Apocalypse Max will be a game you can not ignore in the future. For those who love the zombie killer line, you should download it and enjoy it for what it’s worth. Players can find this game after hours of stressful work, it is very comfortable to shoot the zombies.