Name YouTube Music
Publisher Google LLC
Size 24M
Latest Version 3.33.51
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 10.0
Price Free
MOD Features Premium/BG Play


In the previous articles, we introduced you to many popular music applications like Spotify Music or Gaana Music. If you still don’t feel satisfied with the experiences they bring, you can try downloading YouTube Music (MOD, Premium/BG Play) – the latest music service released by the Google technology giant. This application allows users to enjoy all kinds of music all over the world and constantly update the latest songs of favorite singers quickly. Compared to the previous music player software, YouTube Music will surely create bold markings thanks to the extremely useful features built in. The special thing is that it is currently released for free on both the App Store and Google Play, allowing you to easily download and experience easily. But first, let us learn some basic information about this application right now.

All the information you need to know about YouTube Music

YouTube Music provides copyright music, original albums from artists and publishers, artists’ radio stations, remixes, covers, personalized playlists, and piercing up-to-date music videos. If you are the regular music player in your free time, this app is really a great choice at the moment.

Like Spotify Music, YouTube Music also includes free subscription with ads. Users can pay $ 10 per month for the Premium package to remove ads and add some features such as listening offline and running in the background when closing the window. Thus, if you use YouTube Music for free, you cannot both listen to music on YouTube and use other applications.

In addition, the application will have Spotify Music-like desktop application to reach more users. Google also integrates artificial intelligence (AI), using natural language processing techniques to search songs through descriptions, making it more convenient for you to listen to your music. For example, remember the melody of the song but can’t remember the name, just describe the melody or piece of music you remember and the application will search quickly.

Focus on the user’s music experience

As an application dedicated to music, YouTube Music will be integrated almost all the essential features of a basic music application required. Through this application, you can enjoy all songs, albums, free artists, etc. until the great music videos have just been released.

Especially, this application has a relatively high personalization to help users easily enjoy the music suitable for their preferences easily. To do that, you just need to use the Tab Home or Tab Trending feature built right into the experience screen. In addition, YouTube Music also brings The Daily 40 feature to help users can follow the 40 most prominent songs of the day.

Note, the application is free to download so there will be advertisements while listening to music. In addition, if you put the app down in the background, you won’t hear the music.

See the lyrics

Watching the lyrics is one of the most indispensable features in music applications at the moment. Of course, YouTube Music is the same. This application allows users to see their lyrics right on the experience screen, which makes it easy to listen to music and sing along to the lyrics. Besides, users can also edit the lyrics and add their own words if you find something wrong or simply listen carefully and enter quickly.

In addition, YouTube Music has a music store but this collection is heavily restricted compared to Amazon or iTunes. As can be seen, Google publishers always try to fill this gap with free and special music files. However, these special tracks are often tied to the price by the Amazon music application itself. To take advantage of the music race, Google needs to have a bigger music collection or bring something different from other competitors in the market.

The interface has little change

The great success of Youtube may have affected quite a lot for YouTube Music. This application has a similar interface to YouTube and has little visual change, making it easy for users to get confused when experiencing it. Perhaps the publisher of Google does not want to risk too much on changing the interface so it keeps the old image system to help users not to encounter too many difficulties to get used to. The details in YouTube Music are arranged in an extremely suitable way along with the visual minimalism that promises to still give you the feeling of a great experience.

YouTube Music is a good music application

Currently, there are many music applications on the market, so to be able to choose which suits your needs is not simple at all. Hopefully, after reviewing this article, you will learn more about YouTube Music – the application that fully gathers the essentials to help you satisfy your music listening needs quickly and conveniently. This application is quite similar to Youtube, which focuses more on music, ignoring the search steps that will be based on the user’s music preferences. Download this application through the APK link below this article to experience the world of music that it delivers.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download YouTube Music MOD APK or YouTube Music Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.