Name UU Game Booster
Publisher NetEase
Size 13M
Latest Version
Platforms Android 4.0, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


For those who play mobile games in genres such as MOBA, FPS, survival, … the disruption that occurs during the game experience is one of the biggest obstacles for them. Try to imagine your character keeps standing still, the screen shows the character’s actions slower than the actual operation, how high your skill level or skill will be lost quickly. Understanding this, publisher NetEase Games has provided users with an application that can optimize the gaming of users called UU Game Booster APK. This is an application that helps speed up ping on mobile devices. This will help reduce the problem of jerks and lag for players during the game experience. Let’s join us to learn about this miraculous application.

Support many famous games

In the game market today there are many products that need support from third-party applications to optimize and enhance mobile connectivity to help players get the best experience moments. Therefore, UU Game Booster is a very reasonable choice to help you do it easily. This app also supports many famous games worldwide such as PUBG Mobile, King of Glory, Rules of Survival, Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends … promises to help players have more choices when experience. In addition, the list of supported games will be continuously updated by the issuer in the shortest time to help you have a more diverse and perfect experience.

What can UU Game Booster do?

UU Game Booster helps to optimize and enhance internet connection for mobile devices, so that your games run smoother and solve all problems related to interruptions during the experience game Therefore, you can be completely comfortable in controlling your character without having to worry about the unreasonable lag situation because this application will help you do everything extremely easily.

Although UU Game Booster is not the first application in the world that can help improve the quality of players during the experience process, what it brings is really better than the rest. If you are a game lover who requires high phone configuration, UU Game Booster will be an option to help you solve the problem quickly.

Safe, easy to use

Another advantage that most users feel satisfied in UU Game Booster is free application and does not require you to register when using. This will help players save a lot of time when using the application. If you are worried that this is an application that will directly damage your device, you can be assured because UU Game Booster is completely safe and friendly to all mobile devices at the moment.

The next special feature is that UU Game Booster will not bring any ads during your experience, so users will always feel excited when using this application. What are you waiting for? Quickly download this application to get great gaming moments right now.

The method is very simple to use

Basically, when using UU Game Booster, users will not need to perform too many operations but still ensure that its performance improvement feature has been active. Your task is to download the application and choose for yourself a favorite game to accelerate immediately. After that, log in to the game to enjoy the magic that this app brings right away. In general, with UU Game Booster, you will experience smoother gaming experience than ever before through a few simple steps.

In cases where abnormal ping high phenomena directly affect the game experience, you can exit the Home screen, select UU Game Booster and the corresponding game to be “accelerated” again soon. However, you should note that, despite the support of UU Game Booster, users should still listen to the quality recommendations from the system because this application only helps optimize and enhance the connection not a “red” ping variable to “green”.

Intuitive interface

The last highlight from UU Game Booster is probably located in the interface in the application. It is designed simple but equally beautiful. The details are displayed in a flat form along with the harmonious arrangement of colors in the application will surely win the user’s sympathy right from the first time of use. In addition, the main features are displayed directly on the experience screen to help users do not take too much time to get used to.

UU Game Booster is really a great application

The demand for game experience is increasing in the current time so UU Game Booster will be an indispensable application in every mobile device. It will help improve the quality of the user’s gaming experience through unique built-in features. With an extremely high-speed network connection, UU Game Booster can optimize and enhance mobile connectivity easily, which will make the process of enjoying your game more perfect than ever. This application has now been installed more than 1 million on Google Play, so you can be assured of what it brings.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download UU Game Booster MOD APK or UU Game Booster Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.