Name Tinder
Publisher Tinder Inc
Size 36M
Latest Version 10.23.2
Platforms Android 5.0, iOS 10.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlocked Plus/Gold


Are you a lonely person? Are you looking for a friend of the opposite sex to chat in your free time? Let Tinder help you do it easily because this is an application for dating. When using Tinder (MOD, Unlocked Plus/Gold), users can meet new friends to expand their relationship or solve problems in life through a few fun games. It helps those who are single to connect with each other by pressing the favorite button on the avatar of the person that you like, then texting and making an appointment. Especially, there were many couples who are matched by this application. In the previous articles, we only introduce you to read some applications such as VSCO or TuneIn and they link directly to popular social networking sites to create interaction for users. But Tinder is an independent social network and without any other links, let’s learn about it now.

About the Tinder application

Tinder has a similar usage method to a regular social networking site so you won’t have too many difficulties in manipulating this application. With extremely simple usage, users simply swipe left or right at the experience screen to share or pair with other users around the world. This allows you to browse hundreds of thousands of objects in the area you live in, so you can easily find the right people for your interests quickly.

In order to use Tinder immediately, users need to connect via their Facebook account or create a new account. After the login process has been completed, users can upload some images and introduction about themselves so that the application can find the most suitable objects. The special thing is that Tinder will not update anything on your Facebook profile to keep your information confidential. This will help you easily date without fear of problems discovered by relatives or friends.

The method is very simple to use

During the process of using this application, users need to pay attention to the main function of features such as compatibility, chat, and dating to easily find a true match. You can use the Wipe Right feature to like someone, and Swipe Left is to ignore. If someone likes you, it is a match. The publisher has “invented” a mutually agreed-upon regime, meaning that the two can only match when they show interest in each other. This will make dating and matching between the two objects easier than ever.

You just need to take a look at the profiles that you feel fit, then try to talk directly with them to share your views and interests. At the right time, make an appointment to see them in real life to learn about each other to make the relationship more developed. You could find a true “other half” through Tinder?

Some necessary information

Until now, Tinder is considered one of the most successful dating apps with more than 26 million matches every day. Although this is a huge number, the demand for the pairing of users is not high, so the rate of finding a true soulmate through this application is quite low.

Tinder works quite stably and smoothly on most mobile devices at the present time. It can browse multiple profiles at a time in seconds. This will help users save a lot of time. This app will really be perfect for those who want to make new friends, singles who want to share and search for half of their lives.

To start the Tinder experience, simply register online with your Facebook account or personal phone number. After accepting location sharing, Tinder will nominate friends to match the profile attached.

In addition, the latest update of Tinder has been integrated with an extremely interesting feature which is Tinder Social. Basically, this feature makes it easy to meet familiar friends and completely new friends through a few simple touches.

Friendly and extremely intuitive interface

The way of designing Tinder‘s interface shows simplicity but still gives the user a new feeling right from the first time. It can be seen, the interface of this application is designed exclusively for mobile devices so all features will be displayed directly on the experience screen. Therefore, you will not take too much time to be able to find features that suit your usage needs. Besides, this application also works smoothly on low-profile devices.


In addition to Tinder, there are also many applications that allow users to find friends around, make friends four ways easily and quickly like Facebook or Twitter. However, Tinder has still rated as the number one dating app in the world at the moment thanks to the great features it brings. Through this application, you can meet new friends that are very interesting and close to the area where you are living. What are you waiting for? Download this great application right now via the APK link below and start searching for your real friends right now.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Tinder MOD APK or Tinder Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.