Name Spotify Stations
Publisher Spotify
Size 15M
Latest Version
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 11.4
Price Free
MOD Features Premium


The need to listen to music at the moment is increasing rapidly, as evidenced by the fact that there are many music applications such as Spotify Music and Youtube Music to make the entertainment of people simple and more convenient than ever. One of them is Spotify – a well-known publisher that offers products dedicated to listening to music with lots of enhancements and new built-in features. In this article, we will introduce you to a completely new music application from this publisher called Spotify Stations (MOD, Premium). Basically, this application focuses more on creating album stations according to your listening preferences and especially you can experience it on your free account easily. Please join us to learn some interesting highlights that it brings before starting to use.

Music is an essential element in life

In the past and present, music is always a factor associated with each person’s life and cannot be separated. Some people spend the day listening to music and enjoying the music they love in many different ways. Therefore, publishers in the industry always have a lot of work to do to bring the best music applications to suit the interests of many users. They must continually improve and update the latest features into their applications if they do not want to become obsolete before other competitors in the market. So you can be assured of the quality of those songs because they are still in the same rhythm and sound compared to the original version.

Spotify Stations is the best music player

Although the quality of the song is very important to the listener, the convenience is always appreciated in the music applications in the present time. Users want to be able to listen to music anytime, anywhere without any constraints. Typically, you want to enjoy a song you love and don’t want to search for them on the internet and listen again. In the history of music applications around the world, there are many outstanding names that respond to this very easily. However, things have changed quite quickly and made those outstanding applications become saturated and gradually unable to keep up with the trend of modern music listening. Therefore, with completely new features built-in, Spotify Stations will surely become an extremely interesting application in the near future.

Spotify Stations gives users a lot of important privileges to make it easy for you to enjoy all the tracks worldwide through your favorite artists quickly. By using music albums that are available on the screen, you can quickly select music that fits your preferences and enjoys them instantly without any problems.

First, Spotify Stations is a relatively smart application thanks to its outstanding features that are built-in. Therefore, it will automatically read all the searches you have done on its browser and offer suggestions that best suit your needs. Besides, this application also provides a lot of classical music or difficult to search on other tools on Google or Youtube to make your listening process uninterrupted too much. Moreover, songs of the same style are arranged in a genre so that listeners can easily find and enjoy it.

A few other features

  • Spotify Stations can play a song multiple times thanks to the Repeat One feature, so you can easily enjoy your favorite music until you feel depressed.
  • Random Play mode is an interesting tool built into Spotify Stations when you can touch its icon and leave it free to play songs on the music player. Sometimes it will be songs that don’t fit your musical preferences, but sometimes it also finds extremely satisfying songs that you can’t find on any other tool.
  • With Spotify Stations, users will be able to listen to and download MP3 320kbps quality songs, enough to satisfy all users.

Very unique interface

Go to the main interface, this application has a very colorful color with the titles of stylized radio channel right in the middle of the screen, will definitely give you a surprise right from the first experience. In general, Spotify Stations does not have a separate playback interface but music play/stop operations are integrated right on the home page. The next highlight is that the application still supports Spotify Connect, so users can still control music on other devices, except that the smart speaker does not support Spotify Connect is not controlled because this application has not really completed all the advanced features.


Spotify Stations is truly one of the leading music applications on the market today. Now, users can easily sync their entire music playlists to smartphones and listen to music offline anytime, anywhere via this application quickly. In addition, all the main features in this app are quite similar to Spotify so you can be assured of experiencing your music on your own on a smartphone or tablet.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Spotify Stations MOD APK or Spotify Stations Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.