Name SHAREit
Publisher SHAREit Technologies
Size 26M
Latest Version 5.0.88_ww
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Remove ADS


Data transmission is making one of the issues that many users are interested in at the moment, so there are many applications that allow users to share data directly very quickly. In this article, we will introduce you to SHAREit (MOD, Remove ADS) – the application that allows users to share different types of data such as documents, images, audio files or videos on various platforms from a computer to phone or tablet. The advantage of this software is that you do not need to start Bluetooth, network connection, cable or cloud storage, but the data can still be transferred to the recipient. The software will transfer data at a fast rate and can transfer multiple files at the same time including large files in a short time. Join us to learn some of the outstanding features that it brings.

The interface is relatively intuitive

This application provides an intuitive interface and is quite simple to use, users can use the drag and drop, copy, and paste operations to add files to the software’s submission section. You must always remember that if you want to transfer data successfully, all connected devices will be SHAREit installed and must be close enough. Compared to other sharing software on the market today, SHAREit’s sharing speed is much faster. If you often have to convert data between devices due to work requirements, this is definitely a software you need.

Send photos, videos, applications, and many other interesting features

The core feature of SHAREit is to transfer files between people without having to use cloud memory. Therefore, you can share photos, videos, music files, documents, and local applications easily from one device to another. Note, SHAREit application only contacts devices that support other SHAREit to be able to transmit data.

Especially, this application does not transfer data via a Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth. Instead, it creates a direct wireless connection with up to five devices as a small network. After connecting to another device, the file can be sent and received. In addition, you can also copy a device and send its content to another device.

Flexible operability

SHAREit has the ability to operate flexibly, you can not only transfer data from your computer to your phone but also transfer from your phone to a computer, from a computer to a Tablet. The software does not limit the file size or the number of files for each submission but the speed is still guaranteed quickly, all you need to do is select the Send item and select the files you want to send. In general, the way these application works is relatively straightforward that will definitely not cause you too many difficulties in using it.

Transmission speed is extremely fast

You should remember that SHAREit may not always work because it does not use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, so it must create a direct connection with another device. This means that your device will have to create hotspots so that other devices can connect. This is a not too significant point that SHAREit has, so you can feel secure.

SHAREit is said to be one of the applications that allow users to easily transfer data at extremely fast speeds, so users will not have to wait too long when transferring data from this device to the device. other. How about you? Are you ready to experience the great advantages that this application has brought yet? Quickly download with the link APK below this article to use immediately.

According to some information from the publisher, the SHAREit application has 200 times faster data transfer rate than Bluetooth with speeds of up to 20M / s which will surely make you feel extremely satisfied. In addition, the files transferred by this application will not lose quality compared to the original version.

Some other interesting features

SHAREit is not just an application that allows users to transfer applications together but also helps you to enjoy popular music all over the world through a few simple steps. Tens of millions of songs are integrated with thousands of carefully selected playlists promising to bring you great moments of music right on your phone.

This application is also considered a great video player when supporting most popular video formats around the world will definitely give you a stable and extremely smooth experience. The video system in SHAREit is also continuously updated and supports HD format which promises to not make you feel disappointed during the experience.

SHAREit is a great all-around application

Compared to data transfer applications in this market, SHAREit really stands out thanks to the great features it brings. This application not only helps users to easily transfer data quickly but also provides music and video playback tools right on the experience screen that will definitely help you to do more than just apply normal use. If you are a person who needs to share data regularly, it will be an extremely suitable choice.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download SHAREit MOD APK or SHAREit Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.