Name Poweramp
Publisher Max MP
Size 7M
Latest Version 3-build-844
Platforms Android+
Price $2.99
MOD Features Full Version Unlocker/Patcher


What is a powerful music software? In our opinion, it must be an application that can read all music file formats, support high-quality audio, the ability to adjust professional sound and more without consuming too much battery throughout music player. Poweramp (MOD, Full Version Unlocker/Patcher) can really help you do that thanks to the useful features that it brings. Although we have to face a lot of prominent names on the market today such as YouTube Music or Spotify Music, we still believe that this application will, in turn, defeat all other competitors and become a top of the world music application. Currently, Poweramp has achieved more than 1 million installations on Google Play and is still growing rapidly. You should consult this article to understand more about this music application before deciding to download and experience.

Poweramp is the application like?

Poweramp is considered one of the most popular music apps for mobile phones and tablets at the moment. With many preeminent features built-in such as seamless music playback, sound balance, support for most popular music file formats … We are confident that it will satisfy your music listening needs you right from the first experience.

You may not know, this application is considered an upgraded a version of Poweramp Music Player – the music application that was released earlier by the publisher Max MP. Poweramp possesses all the important features of the previous version and has improved some music services to give users the convenience during their music enjoyment.

Sound equalizer

Poweramp has an extremely important feature that is not an audio player, it is the equalizer. This feature will help users to freely customize the sound quality in the application, thereby enjoying favorite music in their own style. Sound control is also integrated with two modes, bass, and bass, which will make you turn melodious music more exciting and exciting during the music listening process.

In addition, this application can integrate up to 16 presets to start and customize presets created by users themselves. These presets can be assigned both the output (speaker, wired headset, Bluetooth headset), songs and the entire album/folder/ playlist, etc., to make you feel extremely excited.

Directory and system libraries are upgraded

Through the application, users can enjoy multiple tracks from selected folders or from the music library on the device. You can also select any in the SD memory card library or the phone’s internal memory.

Poweramp has the ability to scan music extremely quickly and accurately. In particular, it can scan up to about 1000 songs per second (this depends on the SD memory card element and the speed of the device you are using).

The list of folders in this application can be displayed by directory or by hierarchy depending on the user’s choice. In addition, you can freely customize to suit your preferences to get a better music experience when using this application.

Some key features of Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

Support many formats like mp3, mp4, m4a, opus, dsd (dff / dsf), mka, tak, flv (audio) … help users not to encounter too many difficulties in the music experience.

Separate powerful Bass and Treble tuner makes it easy for you to enjoy your music according to your own needs.

Audio equalizer for all formats including manual presets and customizations.

Headset support automatically plays again when connecting a headset or Bluetooth (may be disabled in application settings).

In addition, this application also offers a number of other features such as tag editing, fast library scanning, missing album cover downloads, support of.THER files, widget settings on the lock screen, output support Hi-Res, … allows you to easily discover by downloading Poweramp to your device and experience it instantly.

Completely new user interface

Next highlight from Poweramp is definitely aimed at the main interface. Its interface is designed to be extremely eye-catching and lively with convenient touch and gesture support that promises not to disappoint you right from the first experience. How to use is relatively simple, you just need to touch and hold on the album cover to open the album cover selection screen or use the navigation to move and return to the folder/album/artist/list, …

In addition, Poweramp also allows users to customize the 4 × 1, 2 × 2, 4 × 2, and 4×2 widgets right on the main screen of their phone. Overall, this app’s Widget provides a lot of options to help users easily make their choices.


If you regularly listen to music on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll like Poweramp right after a few times of experience and it will definitely become your standard music player soon after. As a bright candidate to replace other music players for mobile platforms, this application is integrated with many useful features that will surely make you feel extremely satisfied.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Poweramp MOD APK or Poweramp Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.