Name PicsArt Photo Editor
Publisher PicsArt
Size 24M
Latest Version 13.0.0
Platforms Android, iOS 10.0
Price Free
MOD Features Premium/Gold


PicsArt Photo Editor (MOD, Premium/Gold) is an extremely popular photo editing software at the present time. Thanks to the extremely rich features that users can easily customize to seemingly normal photos to become beautiful eyes and much more vivid than the original photo. This application brings a lot of powerful image processing tools, photo compositing features, adding effects, inserting text, decorating photos … promising to turn you into a true photographer through a very simple operation. With a series of outstanding features built-in, PicsArt Photo Editor will help you to transform the photo in different styles to impress the viewers. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the unique features built into this application.

Simple, easy to use

PicsArt Photo Editor allows all users to become talented photographer right on their phone. Here, you can express your rich imagination through the unlimited features that the app brings to create “unique” photos.

Like other photo editing software like Photoshop Express or Fresh Paint, PicsArt Photo Editor will help you customize photos taken with your phone or any other device into works of art right on the phone screen. This application provides users with a huge number of options and especially it is very easy to use. This contributes to making PicsArt Photo Editor stand out from many existing photo editing applications now.

Professional photo editing kit

PicsArt Photo Editor is a versatile photo editing tool. It provides users the ability to magnify images, creates collages, inserts into photo frames, market designs, support many lovely stickers, inserts text into photos, … will definitely help you to customize the picture to suit your own preferences right from the first time you experience it.

Through the application, users can cut, adjust the image size as well as adjust parameters: brightness, exposure, feedback easily. Besides, PicsArt Photo Editor also offers many beautiful photo filters, unique clip-art for users to add to their images.

Warehouse of diverse and unique effects

The application integrates many extremely unique and outstanding photo effects sets such as stencil paper effects, sketch pictures, cartoon images, Orton, classic, Lomo, HDR, old photos, Holgaart, watercolor, and comic books , the color of powder, neon, old paper, Popart 2, blurring the smart image, sparkling light color, … If compared with the popular Photoshop photo editing application, PicsArt Photo Editor is not inferior to the richness of effects and even more prominent in some aspects. This application allows you to apply photo effects to view immediately for easier decision making.

Share great photos

PicsArt Photo Editor also supports users to create an account on the PicsArt Photo Editor website so that others can see your images and vice versa, you can also admire the works from them. This will help users to interact directly with each other and share the necessary knowledge to create beautiful photos. In addition, you can comment on other people’s photos with the built-in comment feature.

Besides, users can share their photos through major social networking sites in the world such as Facebook, Flickr, OneDrive, Picasa, Google,… in an extremely easy way. Create a great photo through this application to show off to people around now.

In addition, this application also supports many languages worldwide such as English, Arabic, Australian, Japanese, French, Spanish,… Along with that is the optimization on the Mobile devices make it possible for users to enjoy the advantages that it offers easily.

Intuitive interface

The last highlight comes from PicsArt Photo Editor is its interface is displayed relatively intuitive to help users can easily manipulate right from the first experience. The icons are complete with high meticulousness along with the development of a flat trend that allows users to observe quickly. Below each icon, there is text describing the features of each type, so you can take advantage of this to familiarize yourself with the built-in actions. In general, if you have experienced other photo editing applications, it will not take too much time to get familiar with the features equipped in PicsArt Photo Editor.

MOD Info

  • Unlocked Picsart Gold
  • Unlocked premium features, filters


  • Logging in with a Google account will be faster
  • If it is not possible through the boot screen, please turn off the network and reopen the application. After, turn on the network.

The end

Despite being a free app, PicsArt Photo Editor integrates many interesting features that you can only find on other paid photo editing applications. This application is always updated regularly, thereby adding a lot of new visual effects, many wallpapers and photo frames, adding brushes to create effects,… to help the quality of the user experience better. In addition, this application also allows you to easily share the unique photos that you create through the major social networking sites today.

PicsArt Photo Editor is considered as one of the best photo editing tools today. It will help you create beautiful photos right on the phone screen easily. This is a must-have photo editing application on your phone.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download PicsArt Photo Editor MOD APK or PicsArt Photo Editor Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.