Name Panda Gamepad Pro
Publisher Panda Gaming Studio
Size 8M
Latest Version 1.4.2
Platforms Android 4.4
Price $2.99
MOD Features No


Playing games on mobile devices are becoming extremely popular at the present time, so there are a lot of applications coming out to help players get the best experience while enjoying the games that they love. In the previous articles, we have introduced you a lot of tools that allow you to speed up your device to reduce interruption during the game experience like UU Game Booster or Lulubox. However, the acceleration is not the only problem that users encounter when experiencing the game they love because the problem of the control system is also quite a lot of users interested. Therefore, in this article, let us learn about Panda Gamepad Pro (BETA) APK – an extremely useful solution to help you improve your gaming experience by customizing the control system in the game.

Why is Panda Gamepad Pro necessary?

Maybe you know, the games on the phone are supported with relatively intuitive control system but not really optimal and make players feel uncomfortable when experiencing for a long time. Therefore, the players will feel useful when playing games that use a combination of mouse and keyboard as the action game requires high movement or difficult platforms require the player’s reflexes to be real agility. However, not all controllers are supported. Sometimes many games are not optimized to recognize and work with a dedicated gamepad. In such cases, Panda Gamepad Pro will be an extremely necessary solution for you to improve your gaming experience quickly.

How to install and operate easily

Panda Gamepad Pro allows players to download and install on their smartphones relatively easily. This application will not require players to own a device with too high configuration, so you only need to download via App Store and Google Play to be able to experience quickly.

After installing the application, it will turn your phone into a gamepad immediately so that the game experience will be better. Its main use is to map mouse actions and keyboard buttons on the controller. Therefore, you can use analog to simulate mouse movement. Although it may not be very accurate, it certainly has a certain effect. Each key on the keyboard is available and can be used, except in special cases such as multimedia buttons or custom macros.

In addition, Panda Gamepad Pro will allow players to freely customize the controller in the screen to best suit their preferences. This will help you feel familiar and play better games. What are you waiting for? Quickly download this application via the APK link below and enjoy the great changes it brings right away.

The main features are built-in

Panda Gamepad Pro can be compatible with most familiar controllers like PlayStation, Xbox 360, Wiimote … to help you enhance the experience when playing games easily.

Panda Gamepad Pro provides gamepad correction tool. This feature will be very suitable if your gamepad doesn’t work or works abnormally. You should use it to adjust the gamepad to your preference.

The intuitive on-screen tutorial system helps you quickly create your own profiles.

Overall, this app offers a lot of options but you need to spend some time setting up all the commands for a game you love.

Some necessary notes

Panda Gamepad Pro supports only one device at a time so you will not be able to use multiple devices simultaneously when using this application. For example, when supporting a game handle, the keyboard or mouse will not work.

The application requires users to enable Root or enable via PC so you need to connect your phone to the PC and run Panda Gamepad Pro trigger to use.

This application is in the final stage so you will encounter some uncomfortable conditions when using. Therefore, please provide the comments below this article to help publisher Panda Gaming Studio overcome and make more perfect improvements for this application.

Friendly interface, suitable for many user objects

Like other gamepad support applications, Panda Gamepad Pro possesses a relatively intuitive interface with the friendly design but still fully displays the necessary functions. The main features will be displayed right on the experience screen allowing you to easily use it from the first experience. The transition effects in this application are also integrated extremely smoothly and almost no interruption occurs, so you can be completely assured when using Panda Gamepad Pro on the device with low configuration.

The end

Panda Gamepad Pro is designed to help make your game experience more complete in situations, such as how it allows you to use gaming handles in games that are not supported easily. In addition, this the application also gives players a very detailed and clear guide system with an intuitive interface that will definitely not make you feel disappointed right from the first time you use it. Overall, this is really an essential application on your smartphone because it will improve your gaming performance to the maximum thanks to the built-in attractive features.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Panda Gamepad Pro MOD APK or Panda Gamepad Pro Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.