Name My Boy!
Publisher Fast Emulator
Size 2M
Latest Version
Platforms Android
Price $5
MOD Features No


Mobile games are constantly being improved in the present time, causing many players to forget the fascinating products from the past. The retro series is probably no stranger to each of us. Games of this genre are still being developed based on emulators on mobile devices that make it easy for players to experience immediately on phone. My Boy! APK is one of them. It is one of the GBA emulators that are of great interest to users on Google Play and the App Store. In addition to playing almost all GBA ROMs quite easily, the emulator also has many convenient features used in the VBA emulator for Windows to help players feel satisfied during the enjoyment process. Join us to find out if this game is more prominent than the regular games like Pokémon Rumble Rush or Vampire’s Fall: Origins.

What does the term GBA mean?

Before learning about the My Boy! emulator, we should know some essential information about the term GBA to be easier to visualize. GBA is the acronym for the Game Boy Advance phrase – this is a handheld video game system developed and produced long ago by Nintendo. In the machine is integrated quite a lot of attractive games to help users can entertain at relaxing times extremely wonderful. You may not know, one of the best-selling games on the Game Boy Advance is Tetris, with 33 million copies sold, and is a good example of the “icon”. Tetris sold with Game Boy Advance and consumers at that time often bought this machine just to experience Tetris.

The control system is relatively familiar

The first highlight that My Boy! brings is keeping the control system the same as the traditional GBA models. Similar to the NES handle, this emulator has main control buttons like B, A, AB, L, R … that help players feel like they are experiencing a real GBA game right on the phone screen. The function of each control button will be changed through each different game, so you should take the time to learn before you start enjoying a certain game.

In general, the emulator’s control method is completely customizable. This means that you can not only change their position but also increase or decrease the button size to make yourself as comfortable as possible during the experience. This can make things a little easier. You can also enable an option in the settings that allows you to press two buttons at the same time if you press the space between them. This option can be very helpful if you are playing an arcade game.

Many great features are built-in

In order to download the My Boy! emulator, you will have to spend an amount equivalent to $5. This is not a huge amount of money because of the features that these app offers are really great. Some of the features are:

The My Boy! emulator not only allows you to save or download your game anytime you want but also gives you options like controlling the frame rate along with the overall speed of the game. Although these options may not sound reasonable for difficult GBA fans, many of these options are a lifesaver because they allow you to skip long stories or pass difficult levels at normal speed.

My Boy! allows two devices to connect with each other, which can be useful in some traditional GBA games. Thanks to this feature, you can experience different games with your friends easily.

Unlike most mobile emulators today, My Boy! does not overly promote battery saving on users’ devices. However, you can turn off some sensors via the app’s settings to save even more battery power during the enjoyment process.

In addition, the emulator also possesses some outstanding features such as compatibility with most GBA games, saving games at any time, creating shortcuts to easily launch favorite games right on the main screen, integrated BIOS simulation … There are many attractive features waiting for you to enjoy in My Boy!. Download this application via the APK link below this article to discover now.

The interface is simple but extremely intuitive

In terms of electricity delivery, My Boy! has shown excellent excellence when bringing to the player a system of relatively familiar virtual buttons along with the way of the layout of images are extremely reasonable will make you feel satisfied right away from the first time you enjoy. The details in the game are designed in classic retro style to make players feel like they are experiencing a game on the real GBA model. Overall, the display quality of this emulator really made a strong impression on us thanks to what it brings.


Although it is not a free app, My Boy! is really worth it for you to enjoy even once in the present time. If you are looking for an emulator that can help you enjoy traditional GBA games, My Boy! will surely be an even better choice thanks to the built-in outstanding features.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download My Boy! MOD APK or My Boy! Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.