Name Lucky Patcher
Publisher ChelpuS
Size 8M
Latest Version 8.6.3
Platforms Android 2.3
Price Free
MOD Features No


There are not so many applications on the market today that users can access other applications to make requests from simple to complex for players. Lucky Patcher APK is one of the few applications that need to be on your device, which allows you to crack Android apps and games quite professionally, almost crack all applications. Such games with just a gentle touch come from users. Lucky Patcher is developed based on popular hacking software such as Program Lock Pro or Ransomware Decryption Tool but much simpler and easier to use. Therefore, it is always the preferred choice for users who love breakthroughs during the experience of other games. In this article, we will help you better understand what Lucky Patcher brings.

When do we need Lucky Patcher?

Most players will not need to Lucky Patcher application on their mobile devices when it is such a hack application really makes many people think a lot before deciding to install. However, don’t worry too much because it’s not a software that brings malicious code to your phone. There have been many instances of verifying the security of this application and it is completely impossible to access your important data on mobile.

Set in case you are experiencing a very good game and wish to become the best in that game but the condition does not allow you to continue to develop characters in the game, Lucky Patcher will be a choice choose not bad It will help players easily own the items they love in the game, through which you can enjoy the moments of great experience without having to refill the game. What are you waiting for? Download Lucky Patcher immediately with the APK link below this article and do it now.

How to use Lucky Patcher is relatively simple

Here are some necessary steps for you to use Lucky Patcher in a short time:

  • First, users need to login to Lucky Patcher. Wait for it to download the existing applications in your system.
  • After that, select an application that you want to crack (this application must have a new copyright license).
  • Next, you need to select the Open Menu of Patches below the screen.
  • Next, click Remove License Verification (Remove the license confirmation).
  • Next, select Auto Modes (automatic crack mode) or Manually (crack mode as specified).
  • Finally, wait for it to finish, turn off Lucky Patcher and go to the application that needs it. Enjoy your results right away.

In addition, mobile devices are now integrated with a high-security system. This inadvertently affects the installation of Lucky Patcher, you need to go to the phone settings and allow the installation of unknown software to be able to use this application.

Remove annoying ADS

The first thing a user needs to do is remove ads that cause you to experience interruptions when you experience the game and of course, Lucky Patcher will help you do it in an easy way. Most mobile games are integrated Admob ads to increase the profit for publishers, which is relatively easy to understand but they will inadvertently make you feel uncomfortable during the enjoyment of the game. Just a few simple steps, you can use Lucky Patcher to remove that immediately.

Making things simpler

Just install Lucky Patcher, all problems related to other games or applications on your phone will be solved immediately. First, players can easily buy whatever they like in the game without paying any fee to the publisher. This is also the most popular advantage of Lucky Patcher software. You can use Lucky Patcher to implement features like MOD / Crack games very easily through a few simple steps. It will make you invincible and unrivaled during the game experience. Note, your device needs to be rooted before using this feature.

In addition, Lucky Patcher has the tools used to copy applications, disable the system or embedded applications to remove selected transactions and save or convert installed applications to System applications and backups. Overall, all players’ problems will be solved easily through this great software. What are you waiting for? Quickly download games and simplify things right now.

Lucky Patcher FAQs

1: I want MOD coin for Subway Surfer, can this application help me to do that?

Entirely possible. Not only Subway Surfer, but Lucky Patcher can also mod many popular mobile games like Temple Run, My Talking Tom, … easily and quickly. However, it doesn’t work on all games and applications. If the game name you want is red in the screen of the application, unfortunately, Lucky Patcher can’t help you this time.

2: Should I root the device before using Lucky Patcher?

Some features of the application can work without root. But I recommend rooting Android devices before using to avoid problems.

3: Why do I take a long time to install this application?

Actually, it depends on your device. The application installation time will be faster if your device is faster.

4: My device blocks the installation Lucky Patcher, what can I do?

You can try this way. Go to Settings and allow installation of unknown applications.

5: Does the application support multiple languages?

Of course. Lucky Patcher supports many languages such as English, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Chinese, etc. You can select the language in Settings.

6: Why Google warns Lucky Patcher is a virus?

During use, you will receive a warning that Lucky Patcher is a virus. Don’t worry. Although a hacking tool, Lucky Patcher is not a malware. This app is safe from any device and does not access user data.


These useful features from Lucky Patcher will definitely help users a lot during the experience of other games. Although it is considered malware, you can be assured of the safety it offers, and it is equipped with a relatively simple interface to help you get acquainted and mastery in a short period of time.

If you are in need of an application that can help you break every mobile rule and become the best player in the games you join, Lucky Patcher will not be a bad choice at the moment present. Note, you can download the application through a few simple steps through the APK link integrated below this article.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Lucky Patcher MOD APK or Lucky Patcher Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.