Name Lucky Day - Win Real Money
Publisher Lucky Day Entertainment
Size 84M
Latest Version 6.2.2
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS+
Price Free
MOD Features Free Win Real Money


The demand of the gaming market is gradually developing according to the trend of “virtual play, real money” which makes many new games come into being to help players can easily make money by playing games right on their phones. In this article, we will introduce you to Lucky Day (MOD, Free Win Real Money) – an online mobile game about card gaming. However, the game has a variety of genres that allow gamers to choose from. The special thing is that you absolutely can make good cash when you experience the game. This is a game developed by publisher Lucky Day Entertainment, Inc. and is available on both Google Play / AppStore online stores allowing players to easily download and enjoy the game easily. Let us learn some outstanding highlights that this game brings immediately.

Vivid, colorful interface

The first highlight that this game brings is the interface system designed very beautifully in terms of form as well as the full display of the necessary features to help players can easily manipulate from the first time to experience. The main color theme in Lucky Day is yellow combined with some other colors to create an extremely eye-catching interface but still retain maximum simplicity. The features are appropriately divided, allowing you to search easily. The way to show images of features is also very lively so that players feel most comfortable when playing games. In addition, you can quickly see some important features like Instant Rewards, Free Tokens, Recent Winners, Leaderboard, … right on the experience screen. Overall, the in-game interface is really a significant plus, contributing to the success of the game in the present time.

Create an account to start the experience

Before experiencing the features and types of gambling that the game brings, the first thing a player needs to do is create an account. Lucky Day offers two ways to log in to the game: using Email or Facebook account, this makes it easy for players to log in without having to complete cumbersome registration procedures to save time for yourself. In addition, you can also create yourself an in-game account if you don’t own a Facebook or Email account.

After completing the login process, players need to have a Paypal account to be able to request the withdrawal of bonuses to their accounts. Currently, Lucky Day is linked with many banks around the world so you can be assured of the trust that this game brings.

Some notable points in Lucky Day

The special thing that this game brings is the appearance of many new points every day to help players always feel excited when experiencing the game. When you log in to Lucky Day game, you will get lots of interesting and interesting things. Many rewards will be given to players in different random time frames. What are you waiting for? Quickly download the game with the link APK below this article to receive the rewards immediately.

In order to optimize the rewards that the game brings, players need to enter the lottery daily and announce the result at 7pm for a chance to win, receive daily scratch cards at 10 am and 6 Afternoon, get a new scratch card daily at 12 am or play a game for 5 minutes a day to check your luck.

You should join the sweepstakes competitions, give lottery gifts and daily lotteries to get a chance to get rewards up to $ 100,000. It can be seen that Lucky Day is a game that depends very much on the player’s luck factor, so if you can’t win, you shouldn’t be too disappointed.

There were many players who received valuable gifts from this game, and what about you? Imagine that someday you are the first person in the world to receive the highest reward from this game, that’s great, isn’t it?

Lucky Day is a completely free game

Although allowing players to receive valuable rewards and cash transfers during the game experience, Lucky Day is a completely free application that can be easily installed and experience. However, players will encounter an advertising status when enjoying the game. This is completely understandable as it will help publishers earn more revenue to develop newer features. You need to get used to having interruptions when experiencing the game so you don’t feel uncomfortable and upset, thereby affecting the quality of the game.


If you are looking for a game that can help you earn extra income in your spare time, Lucky Day will be an indispensable name in the present time. This game possesses all the features that a Casino-type game needs to make players always feel interesting and unable to take their eyes off the phone screen during the experience. True to its name, will you one day become lucky and become the owner of the biggest reward in this game? Download the game using the APK link below to try your luck right away.

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  • Lucky Day (APK v6.2.2)
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Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Lucky Day MOD APK or Lucky Day Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.