NameGoogle Play Games
Publisher Google
Latest Version2019.06.11077 (257270202.257270202-000408)
MOD FeaturesNo


Google Play Games APK is an application that is probably familiar to many people around the world, allowing players to link directly to other games to save important data throughout the experience process. This app is working with YouTube and Chrome to become the most popular product from the famous Google LLC publisher worldwide. In addition, Google Play Games is updated with new features constantly to improve the quality of the experience for users, thereby achieving huge download numbers on Google Play with over 1 billion installs. In this article, we will help you learn some highlights from this famous application.

Who can use Google Play Games?

Google Play Games is developed based on the development of the Android operating system, you can use this application to connect to the games linked by Google. This will help users to be free to experience without worrying about losing data when enjoying the game, so you only need to focus on playing games without having to worry too much when downloading this app.

It can be seen that Google Play Games is quite similar to the Apple Games Center will definitely help users improve the quality of the experience significantly. Currently, this application has been released in many countries around the world to help users easily access and use easily and of course, Google Play Games is only for devices with Android operating system. Alternatively, you can download this application yourself via the APK link integrated below this article without the need for interference from Google.

Create your own profile

To log in to the application users need to create a complete profile for Google to easily manage and provide the latest features. You can use Gmail or Email to be able to log in easily, thereby creating a gamer ID according to your liking without any other impact from the application. In addition, after creating the profile, players can experience other games on Google Play to increase XP to reach a high level in Google Play Games. Of course, this level will not help you while enjoying other games but it decides to master and record the user’s gaming experience.

Many fascinating games

When logging in to the Google Play Games app, you can enjoy the simple to complex games that are integrated available. The games that are familiar to each of our children, such as Solitaire, Pac Man, Cricket or Snake, are also equipped in this application to help players easily experience even without an internet connection. In addition, there are many other exciting games waiting for you in Google Play Games, what are you waiting for? Download this application via the link APK below to enjoy it right away.

Google Play Games also allows players to easily record memorable experience moments while experiencing the game through a few simple actions. This will help you feel great moments of relaxation right on your phone.

Achievements and rankings

Achievement is an extremely important factor that players always aim to during the game experience. Google Play Games is the same, although it is just an application that tracks the player’s gaming progress, it still incorporates the necessary conditions so that you can achieve the achievements you want.

What is special is that Google Play Games will automatically update your achievements on the rankings, where the player with the highest score becomes the leader. Try to show your skills by experiencing a lot of games in order to accumulate a high enough score to win the number one spot on the chart right away. Players can master as many games as possible, which will help increase your accumulated points quickly. Thereby enjoying your achievements by challenging those around you who can break your record.

The interface is relatively intuitive

You can see that the interface in Google Play Games is not too different from Google Play, making it easy for players to get acquainted in a short period of time. The layout in this application is also a very specific thing from Google publishers. It will make players feel comfortable when there is no need to perform too many operations to meet the needs of your experience.

In addition, the games that players have previously downloaded are integrated into the Google Play Games app. You only need to log in to this app to easily manage and experience your favorite game right away. The categories are also designed to be simple but still retain the traditional characteristics will certainly make you feel extremely satisfied.


Google Play Games is truly one of the world’s leading applications at the moment. The most obvious demonstration is that it has over 1 billion installations coming from players and is always in the top most popular app on Google Play. If you are a fan of simplicity as well as the convenience that this app offers, you should download and experience it immediately to feel the highlights that it brings.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Google Play Games MOD APK or Google Play Games Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.