Name GoGo Live
Publisher Global Live
Size 92M
Latest Version 3.0.1
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Premium


In the present time, applications that allow users to share their memorable moments with people are very popular. Typically, there are some famous apps like Up Live or Facebook, which allow users to freely customize and provide tools to help you can Live Video directly on your phone. GOGO LIVE (MOD Premium) is also such an application, you just need to have a phone with a mid-range camera with a network connection. You can make money using this application immediately. This is a product from the publisher Global Live Network, Inc. promises to bring users the feeling of the great experience. Please join us to find out the highlights from this application.

Meet and interact with users worldwide

Compared to Up Live or the same kind applications, GoGo Live allows you to connect with many countries and create easier interaction through a few simple actions. This application has a relatively simple interface, along with smart features that will definitely help you get acquainted quickly from the first experience. Users will be able to meet countless “beautiful boys and girls” through a quick touch, you can interact directly with them by chatting or giving gifts whenever they Live Video.

Overall, GoGo Live allows you to watch live video of users all over the world with good quality, clear images, fast connection speed, chat system designed “connected” on the video stream screen So you can make comments, share hearts, gifts, … easily.

Stream live video

Users can express their talents such as dancing, singing, processing food, playing games, confiding, … by Live Video via GoGo Live to interact with many people around the world. In addition, you can do anything to share with the worldwide community. Become a celebrity and broadcast Video anytime anywhere by downloading the application via the link below right away.

GoGo Live also allows people to interact directly with each other in real time so you can connect with viewers through a simple but extremely fast chat system. In addition, you can follow other users by chatting, interacting with other broadcaster and sending hearts to them. You will receive notifications every time they stream live video.

You should use the Beauty Cam feature built into the app to help enhance the light and make the image quality better. The first filter and many additional utilities will be deployed continuously in the next updates to improve the quality of the user experience. In general, you can stream live video right on your phone with the most stable quality through GoGo Live easily. Note, you need to make sure the network connection is stable if you don’t want image quality to be blurred on viewers’ devices.

Other extremely interesting features

GoGo Live MOD APK also provides a virtual gift system to give users more motivation in Live Video. Thereby, viewers can send hearts, sweet candies and other gifts to the broadcaster during their Stream time. This will create interaction between the transmitter and the viewer, making the experience of the user more enjoyable than ever. In addition, these virtual gifts can be converted into cash if the user reaches the number of gifts specified by the application. Therefore, you can earn extra income by Live Video and entice viewers to give you gifts. You can be assured of earning extra income with GoGo Live because it offers many different ways to pay for users worldwide.

This is a completely free application so you can download it at App Store or Google Play depending on your preferences. In addition, the APK link below will also be an extremely reasonable choice at the present time.

If you own more and more lovers as well as high interaction, you will have a great opportunity to receive unexpected gifts from this application. What are you waiting for? Quickly download now to become a celebrity on GoGo Live right now.

Although GoGo Live does not distinguish the user age, it is only really suitable for those over 12 years old.

The interface is beautifully designed

It can be said that the interface in GoGo Live is not too fussy but can still make users feel extremely satisfied through the layout of features in an intuitive and lively way. Therefore, you can easily manipulate quickly without time to get acquainted. In addition, the colors in the game are arranged extremely harmoniously between the dark and light tones will definitely give users the most friendly feeling when experiencing.

The end

For those who have a passion for Live Video, GoGo Live will be a great app for you. It possesses all the necessary features that allow you to customize and interact with other users around the world through a few simple steps. Although facing many other competitors, we believe that GoGo Live will have a certain foothold in the current game market.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download GoGo Live MOD APK or GoGo Live Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.