Name FBReader
Publisher FBReader.ORG Limited
Size 6M
Latest Version 3.0.17
Platforms Android+ iOS 9.3
Price Free
MOD Features Premium (Paid/Patcher)


In addition to entertainment needs, smartphone or tablet devices also bring many other utilities for users. Typically, surfing the web or reading books is one of their interests in the present time. Therefore, there have been many reading applications launched to help meet the needs of users easily and quickly. These applications are mostly designed with a beautiful interface and many useful features to provide a reading experience similar to paper books. One of them is FBReade that is a completely free reading application on the mobile platform and it supports reading a lot of popular text formats today. If in the previous articles, we only focus on introducing applications for users’ entertainment needs such as Gaana Music or Booster 4x Faster Game, then FBReader (MOD, Premium) is a completely opposite application. Let’s find out about it right away.

Why is the ebook used by so many people?

You probably know, the cost of a book printed on paper is quite high and will make users spend a lot of money if they want to own it. Although there are still some users who love reading books printed on paper, it is actually not too popular at the moment. Therefore, electronic books and documents are born as an essential need when electronic devices such as computers and phones are becoming more and more popular. This means you can easily find your favorite e-books and save them on your device quickly. In general, reading books on electronic devices will help users feel much more convenient than books printed on regular paper.

Manage all downloaded eBooks

With the ebook becoming a strong development in the present time, users need to find an application that makes document management and reading support on their phones easier. FBReader will definitely be the first choice because it offers so many great features that support users with everything related to reading and managing eBooks on mobile platforms. With over 10 million installations on Google Play, this app promises not to disappoint you with what it brings.

Not only supporting users to view the contents of books and documents already available on the device, but FBReader also brings a lot of useful features to enhance the user experience. If you are a fan of reading or need an application that can help you manage your documents, FBReader will help you satisfy your needs easily.

Powerful customization

The highlight that makes FBReader stand out from the standard reading application is that it has extremely powerful customization capabilities, which will help users feel more comfortable throughout the process to enjoy a certain book. You can change the screen brightness by swiping up or down along the left screen to best suit your preferences.

Besides, when using this application, users can easily perform a series of actions such as rotating text, viewing ebook information, moving the user interface into another language, changing the author’s name, Bulk book titles as well as add the card you want.

In addition, FBReader possesses many other outstanding features to help the user experience process become better. Typically, it is integrated with some external dictionaries such as Fora,, LEO … So if the document was written in a language you cannot read, you can use dictionary programs to translate into the language you know and read easily. Currently, this application has been supported for up to 34 popular languages ​​worldwide so it is very convenient for users.

Some other features

When using FBReader, users can easily access different book lists in supported languages ​​such as English, French, Chinese, American, Russian, etc. Here, you can track information about your favorite books and new types of books, as well as see the summary of the main content of each work. Remember, there will be a lot of books that require you to pay before you can download and read directly on your device.

In addition to the ability to sync from SkyDrive, FBReader also supports viewing and buying books online from FeedBooks to make it easier for users to pay.

In addition, the FBReader interface is also an indispensable highlight. This application has an extremely simple interface with useful features, so you can easily convert your favorite reading mode through a few simple steps. Besides, the screen colors are edited from time to time such as day or night so you can more easily use them.

The end

FBReader is one of the essential applications for users who love reading. It offers quite a lot of useful features along with continuous improvement through the latest updates, promising to improve the readability as well as make it easier for users to manage documents more convenient than other products. Besides, there are quite a few ways to download this application at the present time. You can download it directly via the APK link below or on the App Store / Google Play and use it immediately.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download FBReader MOD APK or FBReader Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.