Name DraStic DS Emulator
Publisher Exophase
Size 14M
Latest Version r2.5.1.3a
Platforms Android 4.0
Price $4.99
MOD Features Licence Resolved


Applications that simulate the Nintendo system or the GBA to play games on IOS are always thoroughly censored by Apple, perhaps they do not want users to put too much eye on the series to increase profits for other applications sold on their App Store. Therefore, a Nintendo emulator application on IOS will always be a very convenient choice and suitable for the needs of many users worldwide. In this article, we will introduce you to an application called DraStic DS Emulator (MOD, Licence Resolved) developed by the publisher of Exophase that can help you satisfy the passion of experimenting on the smartphone easily.

DraStic DS Emulator is the application like?

DraStic DS Emulator can be said to be the best Nintendo DS emulator application in the world at the moment. During the experiment, the emulator ran almost all the games well and only a few games didn’t work well, but still could be experienced. Like the same category applications, DraStic DS Emulator allows to customize the interface of the screen, adjust buttons, support for playing games, fast rewind, support Google Drive and choose to allow high-end devices enjoy better game graphics than usual. Especially, this application is quite light in capacity so it can operate smoothly on most mobile devices in the present time.

Currently, this app costs $ 4.99 per download but it still has over 1 million installments and receives a lot of positive reviews from users around the world. It can be seen the price of DraStic DS Emulator has dropped to compared to the past and is considered a reasonable price for this simulator application. In addition, you can download this application via the APK link below the article to avoid any cost.

Upgrade game graphics

It can be seen that Nintendo DS games are designed to match the screen resolution of these devices, so they have a relatively low resolution (256x192px) making the quality of the player’s experience relatively significant influence. Today, smartphone devices have screens with higher resolutions (usually Full HD) giving users a sharper feel when looking at the device screen. When using the DraStic DS Emulator application, you can enhance the experience Nintendo Games on your mobile device by increasing the resolution by 2 times to make the game sharper than ever. Note, you should use mobile devices with quad-core CPUs to make this application run smoother.

Customize two screens

As you may know, Nintendo DS devices often have two independent screens on the same device. Therefore, when you run any game, both are active and have different functions. It can be difficult if you want to bring everything on one screen during the experience. However, DraStic DS Emulator will help you do it easily on current smartphones. This application offers six display modes that allow you to customize two screens with the same operation so you can rotate the screen horizontally so that they are placed in two directions. If you use a device with a large screen or a tablet, you can set up the screen vertically to make your operation more convenient than ever. In general, when using this application, everything will be very stable and not affect the user experience too much.

Customize control buttons

The next highlight that DraStic DS Emulator brings is that it allows users to freely customize the controls similar to the style shown on the traditional Nintendo DS series. You will see the keys displayed on the experience screen, which are the familiar buttons for each of us like A, X, B, Y and L and R keys integrated right on top of the screen. In addition, this application also supports the controls of alternative physical devices for virtual keys via nVidia Shield and Xperia Play to help you easily manipulate during the game enjoyment. Download this app to your phone now and customize the control system to your liking for easier operation in games.

Support cheat code

DraStic DS Emulator also gives users extremely special features, especially support cheat codes. With this feature, you can easily change some features of the game to complete your tasks more easily than ever. This application allows the use of thousands of cheat codes in many different games to help users quickly overcome the challenges assigned and create a more enjoyable experience when playing the game. Overall, this is one of the important features that make this application popular among users at the moment.


With these unique features, we can see that it is no coincidence that the DraStic DS Emulator application is rated as one of the hottest Nintendo DS emulators on Android and IOS platforms. Through this application, you can easily enjoy thousands of Nintendo emulator games right on your smartphone quickly. In addition, we provide the download link of the DraStic DS Emulator Emulator completely free, so you only need to download and install it immediately without too much trouble.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download DraStic DS Emulator MOD APK or DraStic DS Emulator Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.