Name Clean Master
Publisher Cheetah Mobile
Size 24M
Latest Version 7.3.1
Platforms Android+
Price Free
MOD Features VIP Unlocked


If you are using smartphones do not have high enough configuration and can’t meet the needs of heavy tasks, try using Clean Master (MOD Unlocked). This application allows users to easily remove temporary files, trash, history, cookies, viruses,… to help your device work smoother and smoother after a while long-time experience. No matter how strong your device is, it will come a bit slow at times, so using an accelerated application will make the user experience as perfect as possible. In the previous articles, we introduced you to a lot of professional photo editing tools like VSCO or Enlight Pixaloop Pro, but have not brought an application capable of accelerating the device. Therefore, please refer to this article to better understand the great features that Clean Master brings.

Clean up junk files quickly

Basically, the Clean Master has a way of working that is really simple to give users convenience right from the first experience. You just need to access the application and click the built-in cleanup button on the screen, to help it work easily. Just need to wait a few seconds for this application to start doing work, then enjoy the fast processing speed on your device immediately. The way these application works is relatively easy to understand. It will wipe out all junk files in the device to free up memory. However, in some cases, there will be some files stuck in the system and will not be deleted in one operation.

The special thing is that this application will notify the user when scanning an important file, so you will be the right person to decide whether to delete something on phone or not. This will give you complete peace of mind when it comes to data security when using the Clean Master accelerator tool.

In general, with this application’s professional cleaning technology, users can also recover wasted capacity being buffered from social apps like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram. You can do that by removing them in a wink without worrying about deleting the file.

Ensure absolute safety

Besides cleaning and speeding up the device in one touch, Clean Master also allows users to protect their device through the Applock feature it brings. Basically, this interesting feature will help you protect the applications in your phone before any access to strange objects. You just need to access the Clean Master and set the password for each application you want to protect. Then you can be assured of security because no one in the world can access the application you have set a password for (unless they know the correct password).

In addition, the application will make your device more secure by capturing the strange objects that are deliberately accessing the phone in the nearest time. This will easily detect suspicious objects and prevent them in the future.

Some other useful features

Clean Master provides users with completely free antivirus features. Through this feature, you can easily block and move viruses from your phone. As can be seen, the antivirus tool in this application is really useful because it will completely scan the applications installed device until it is truly safe.

Speed ​​up iPhone/Samsung: with just a simple touch, you’ll help your device increase processing speed in a short period of time. Clean Master will speed device by freeing up RAM, which will cause all active applications to be stopped immediately.

Battery saving: Battery is an extremely important factor for mobile devices at the present time. Therefore, the battery savings built into an application that increases speed like Clean Master is extremely useful. With just one touch, the battery-intensive applications will automatically be stopped, while the CPU is also optimized to operate with less capacity. This helps to extend the device’s battery life.

The interface is designed to be simple and intuitive

The interface of Clean Master application be evaluated is one of the best garbage cleaners on a mobile platform, designed in a flat, friendly, simple and easy to use style. Therefore, will not have to spend much time when you begin to get used to the application and use it. The details inside the application are designed not too fussy but still successfully portray the necessary features. This will help users easily find features that suit their needs and use quickly.

Clean Master is an essential application for the time being

When using Clean Master, users can scan, detect garbage data effectively, select files to be cleaned, perform cleaning regularly and continuously on a schedule that you have planned. This application has many outstanding advantages such as working effectively on most smartphones or tablets today. It has a small capacity, simple design interface but equally beautiful. Need just one touch, it can speed up the device mobile of you a simple way. Download Clean Master now to enjoy the useful features it brings right away.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Clean Master MOD APK or Clean Master Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.