Name 4K Camera - Filmmaker Pro
Publisher Appuccino Dev
Size 5M
Latest Version 1.1
Platforms Android 4.4
Price $3.99
MOD Features No


In addition to the applications that make shooting more unique and prominent like VSCO or Photo Lab PRO, the tools to support the video recording is also very much interested by users in the present time. Among them, Filmmaker Pro APK application must be included because it will make your video recording process easier and more professional than ever. Basically, the way these application works is quite similar to the original video capture software of regular phone devices, but it is supplemented with some advanced features to make you feel more excited when experience. This app is currently available on both App Store and Google Play for about $ 4 per download. If you want to use it for free, click the APK link below this article. But first, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this application.

Provide all the features that a filmmaker needs

Filmmaker Pro is an application developed exclusively for users who love video work on mobile platforms, namely using smartphones or tablets to create videos High quality and rich content. Noticeably, this application provides almost all the features that a filmmaker needs. It can perfectly simulate professional video recording devices such as deep focus, intelligent parameter adjustment, white balance, exposure control, frame rate adjustment, etc. All counts Useful features related to video recording are all built into this app. You just need to experience it for a short time to be able to understand the basic information to use it easily.

Many features support for video recording

This application offers users quite a lot of options related to a video. Depending on your skill level, you can customize the video recording mode to suit your needs to make this process simpler. Filmmaker Pro provides a number of video recording modes such as standard, automatic or manual to help users quickly choose.

Besides, this application is also supported by the orientation of portrait or landscape rotation to give users more options in different situations. You can also use some features such as setting up slow and fast motion effects during video recording, changing zoom speed, changing advanced frames depending on the device’s configuration …

The special thing is that this application also supports setting up the video configuration/frame rate as standard as a professional video camera to help improve the video recording performance of the users.

In addition, Filmmaker Pro also provides Histogram Mode which allows users to easily monitor/customize RGB, brightness, brightness … according to their needs.

Set up video configuration/aspect ratio according to the standards of professional camcorders.

4K Camera – Filmmaker Pro supports a lot of popular video ratios in the present time. Specifically widescreen cameras HD (16: 9), Standard Definition (4: 3), Cinerama (2.59: 1), Letterbox (2.20: 1), Digital Cinema Initiative (17: 9), … This will help For users to easily select their favorite frame rate and proceed with the video recording process immediately so it doesn’t take too much of their own time.

In addition, users can change the advanced video configuration through this application very easily. Filmmaker Pro allows you to set the bit rate and frame rate: 24, 30, 60 depending on the device you are using. You can also customize video formats like MP4, HEVC, 3GPP, WEBM … to suit your needs.

Although this application allows users to record video with up to 4K quality, your device needs support to be used. There are many other exciting features waiting for you to explore in this great app, quickly download it to your phone and enjoy now.

Extremely intuitive and familiar interface

It can be seen, the design of Filmmaker Pro is not too different from other video recording tools on the mobile platform today. Perhaps this will help users feel familiar and can easily get familiar with the useful features that this application brings in a short period of time. Most of the main features in the application are arranged extremely intuitive and lively, thereby giving users the feeling of using a real video camera right on their phones. In general, there is not so much to say about the interface of this application because it is designed according to the general standards of normal video recording applications at the present time.

The end

With all the built-in features, Filmmaker Pro is sure to turn your smartphone into an instant professional camcorder. This means that the camera on your device will be out of performance and help the camera-related indicators be pushed to the highest level. Overall, all the complete movie-making features like professional camcorders are integrated into one application with a small size and simple interface, which makes it possible for all users to use and record videos as you like. Note, to use all the manual features (such as ISO, Shutter, Focus), your device needs Android 5.0+ with the API camera enabled by the provider.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Filmmaker Pro MOD APK or Filmmaker Pro Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.